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Live-Action BLEACH: Look at what wasn't mentioned


Hey, aren't you going to frikkin' cast Asians in this at all? Because that's the main reason a lot of manga/anime-to-live action movies sucked because you didn't include us in this.

I can't wait until I see that even though they were 'faithful' to the source material, then they start putting white actors/actresses in it and wonder what the hell they did wrong.
Asia the Invincible (armor)

This is what Hoekstra did

I posted this in a couple places. It's written for a very general audience.

Many people are rightly decrying the frothing racism on display in the Hoekstra Yellow Peril ad. It's in a long line of anti-Chinese propaganda going back to the 19th century, in which racist tropes were mustered up to justify the mass lynching and massacre of Chinese laborers all across the western United States. That's where the phrase "Chinaman's chance," comes from. When the white folk got angry, that was how much chance they had of escaping alive.

Mark Twain once satirized this racist mania in the following two perfect lines: ""Ah, there goes a Chinaman! God will not love me if I do not stone him."

When I was in school in the 1980s, the epicenter of the Yellow Peril had been temporarily relocated to Japan. Japan was buying America. Magazines, movies, news shows, all proclaimed it. American jobs were being destroyed. Lives ruined. It was all the fault of a sinister yellow slant-eyed race.

The level of racist abuse I received every day ebbed and flowed according to the level of virulence of anti-Japanese news items. Kids would see their parents shaking their heads, worrying about their jobs, muttering about Sony and Toyota, maybe rehashing a centuries-old anti-Chinese trope and applying it to the Japanese.

The next day, those kids would go to school, see me, sing ching-chong ching-chong, pull up their eyes at the corners, hold their noses pretending that I smelled bad when I walked by, leave notes on my locker that told me to "go home," or just plain throw stuff at me. They would go home that day feeling better, probably, that they had struck a blow for their family and their nation.

This is what Hoekstra is responsible for, now, in 2012. The ad aired in Michigan. The next day after the Superbowl, Monday February 6th, some kids in Michigan went to school and saw an Asian girl, like the one in the ad. They might have heard she was Chinese-American or Japanese-American or Hmong-American, but that wasn't important, because she looked Chinese. So they talked to her in a funny fake accent and pulled up their eyes at her. When she told them it wasn't funny, and asked why are you doing this, please stop, they laughed at her to see if they could make her cry, if they could make her run away, if they could drive her out, if they could stop her taking away their family's money like the woman in the ad.

This happened. It happened to me. It happened yesterday. It's happening all over again.

This is what Hoekstra did.

Pete Hoekstra’s Offensive Anti-Asian Super Bowl Ad


Read the OCA statement:

Give money to Hoekstra's opponent, Debbie Stabenow:

Sign the Change.org petition to get Hoekstra to apologize:
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I'm sorry I have to post so soon; I run into anti-Asian shit every day, sure, but generally not everything is worth posting about.

But this.

"Allen said, 'I've always wanted a China doll.' We were always very open to adoption from the get-go. It was in our hearts, both of our hearts, from our first conversation about having children," Dial says.

"People would approach me everywhere and say 'lucky baby' because they knew she was adopted."

Waddington also always knew she'd have a daughter. "And I always knew her name was going to be Caroline."

Pretty much every sentiment expressed in the article turns my stomach. Chinese girls are NOT DOLLS for you to play with. >_> Also? In general, people taking advantage of families who can't keep their kids because of the one-child policy, who raise these kids without any knowledge of Chinese or Chinese-American history and culture ("colorblind" my ass), who act like they're such awesome saviors worthy of praise for "saving" those poor little Chinese babies from their supposedly shitty parents and shitty country piss me off. FUCK YOU. GO DIE IN A FIRE.

Cached article bc for some reason the link doesn't work for me anymore. Hopefully it was deleted. >_>
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"nee how", "konichiwa"

My Chinese-Canadian roommate was telling me how the other day on her way home from work, a few guys on the street approached her and said "ni hao". We live in Toronto, one of the most multicultural cities in the world, and which has a very very high Asian population. She said they looked Latino or southern European, and my best guess it that they're not from around here. And even so, in this city how short a time do you have to be here for that to have any novelty value?

This hasn't happened to me in my recent memory in Toronto, but it has happened to me while on vacation. It happened to me in Paris, and in Montreal, both of which are fairly multicultural cities. When I was on vacation in Europe, some storekeepers would try to greet me with "nihao"/"konnichiwa" etc. I'm personally more lenient when it's in that setting, because these store keepers in these tourist areas are probably used to seeing a lot of Asian faces who are tourists and don't speak English well. I'm much more outraged when it's on the street by a stranger, especially in an area where Asians are a very visible minority. What the fuck do they get out of this? Do they do this to every Asian person they see?

I'm wondering how many of you guys have had the experience of a non-Asian stranger approach you on the street with their attempts at "greeting you" in Mandarin/Japanese/what have you. If so .... how do you react? What do you do? When it's from random strangers in settings that they really should be accustomed to seeing an Asian face, I feel violated and angry, but I never know what to say back.


I want to punch every single one of these assholes in the face.

Sorry to bring up something so disgusting and depressing up after months of not posting here, but yeah. Fucking seriously.


Another thing, which is a bit less depressing -- Eric (chungguksaram) and I saw Kate from Slanty Eyed Mama perform at a function recently, and she was amazing. I love it when folks can merge comedy with srs politics effectively.

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A Special Message From Gordon Roque

Cross-posted from my blog. Not a fail but a win that I thought was definitely worth sharing with this community:

It's moments like this I'm truly proud to be a blogger. Because it is truly a humbling honor and a privilege to post the following:

Gordon Roque is a good personal friend of mine whom I have had the pleasure of knowing for the past few years. An amazing musician, his album Seahorses is available on iTunes and I highly recommend you all check it out. The only thing that surpasses his skill as a pianist and an artist, is the warmth and compassion of this extraordinary man. Which is why I was truly moved when he posted the following video on his site.

What many may not realize is that Gordon took a great risk (professional and even personal) in standing up to be counted. It goes without saying that countless LGBTQs are regularly met with bigotry and even violence. So to say this was a very brave decision is a mild understatement to say the least.

But in standing tall and being visible, Gordon serves a beacon of hope and inspiration for other LGBTQs who may be struggling with coming out. In addition, he provides visibility to not only Asian LGBTQs but queers of color in general who are often persecuted, marginalized and erased, especially in the gay community.

Make no mistake. This is a victory and it brings us one step closer to making equality and progress a reality for everyone.

You should definitely check out Gordon's website and also drop him a line here and show him some love for the good and the awesome he's done.
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